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Students at Work: Julia O’Connor discusses her experiences working with Eleanor Holdridge on After the Revolution

Now playing at Theatre J, After the Revolution follows the journey of Emma Joseph as she questions her family’s past and its effects on her now uncertain future. Julia O’Connor (Undergraduate, ‘14) discusses her experiences with Theatre J and working as an assistant director with Eleanor Holdridge.

What (or who) got you interested in working with Theatre J and what has your experience been like so far?

Julia: I was first introduced to Theater J freshman year when I was looking for a summer internship. One thing led to another and I ended up being their Production Intern for the entire summer.  As their Production Intern my duties were vast, from organizing their prop and costume storage to creating a farewell book from Theater J for the prior CEO of the DCJCC.  I was also lucky enough to work behind the scenes as the production assistant for their production of The Moscow’s of Nantucket. I met some wonderful and talented people that summer.  I was then lucky enough to be the assistant director for their productions of History of Invulnerability and Andy and the Shadows. Looking back, I have to give a lot of credit to Theater J because I don’t think I would be where I am now if I hadn’t had that experience of being fully immersed in well-respected Theater Company.

What made you interested in assistant directing this particular production at Theatre J?

Julia: I was interested in assistant directing After the Revolution was mainly because of Eleanor. I had yet to assist her at CUA. Since I had past experience in assistant directing at Theater J and because the time frame of the production fit well with my schedule, it kind of just became a perfect opportunity.

What was it like working with Eleanor Holdridge on a project outside of the Catholic University of America season?

Julia: The reason why I love assistant directing is because I a visual learner. Being able to experience first-hand how a director works, whether it being at the table, getting the play on its feet, or just working with actors, gives me such great insight into my own work as a director.  Working with Eleanor was an amazing experience, especially seeing the difference in how a director works with an actor who has worked in the business for years compared to actors who are still learning and just breaking into the business.  It was overall an awesome learning experience.

What should audiences expect to see when they attend After the Revolution?

Julia: A play about a family with strong views and great jokes!

What should audiences expect from you next?

Julia: A muddy kind of experience.

*After the Revolution runs at Theatre J from September 7th-October 6th.


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