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And the Gilbie Goes to….

Sunday, May 4th, the senior class hosted CUAdrama’s annual end of the year awards show. The votes are in and the Gilbies go to…

Best Production:

Dream Play


Fifi and Hunter Forever!

The Merchant of Venice (Winner)

Stage Management Team:

Dream Play– Brendan McMahon and Rob Shumacher

Etiology– Stephanie Tomiko and Kate Pickett

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Ciaran Farley and Victoria Boutin (Winner)

The Merchant of Venice– Kira Burri and Claire Miller

Best Crew:

Dream Play– Magdalena Schultzer, Kate Pickett, Max Applewhite, Mary Cecere, Rob Schumacher, Brendan McMahon

Etiology– Tearrance Chisholm, Camille Greenfield, Anthony Papastrat, Kate Pickett, Stephanie Tomiko

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Alyssa Sholander, Anthony Papastrat, Sam Bonner, Kira Burri, Lauren Mitchell, Victoria Boutin, Ciaran Farley

The Merchant of Venice– Maddy Belknap, Julia O’Connor, Claire Miller, Kira Burri (Winner)

Actor in a Leading Role (Main Stage):

Dream Play– Grant Cloyd, Soldier (Winner)

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Kiernan McGowan, Henry

The Merchant of Venice– Graham Pilato, Antonio

Actress in a Leading Role (Main Stage):

Dream Play– Teresa Catherine, Agnes

Etiology– Tara Costello, Pearl

Etiology– Latia Stokes, Zinnia

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Sam, Fifi Di Milo

The Merchant of Venice– Briana Manente, Portia (Winner)

Actor in a Supporting Role (Main Stage):

Dream Play– Kiernan McGowan, Lawyer

Dream Play– Robert Pike, Sergeant/Father

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Graham Pilato, Herman Murray

The Merchant of Venice– Grant Cloyd, Shylock

The Merchant of Venice– Anthony Papastrat, Gratiano (Winner)

Actress in a Supporting Role (Main Stage):

Dream Play– Claire Miller, Actress

Dream Play– Lauren Scene, Lena

Etiology– Amie Cazel, Amber

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Natasha Gallop, Claire Cupid (Winner)

The Merchant of Venice– Kimberlee Wolfson, Nerissa

Best Ensemble Member for a Main Stage production:

Seth Rosenke, Male Ensemble in Fifi and Hunter Forever!


Achievement in Directing:

Dream Play– Colin Hovde and Nathanial Mendez

Etiology– Shirley Serotsky

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Jenny McConnell Fredrick

The Merchant of Venice– Eleanor Holdridge (Winner)

Achievement in Light Design:

Dream Play– Dr. Thomas Donahue

Etiology– Andrew Cissna

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Brian Allard

The Merchant of Venice– Jason Arnold (Winner)

Achievement in Set Design:

Dream Play– Lewis Folden

Etiology– Steven Royal

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Klyph Standford

The Merchant of Venice– Katherine Wujcik (Winner)

Achievement in Sound Design:

Dream Play– Gregg Martin

Etiology– Patrick Calhoun

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Frank DiSalvo (Winner)

The Merchant of Venice– Chris Baine

Achievement in Costume Design:

Dream Play– Gail Beach

Etiology– Gail Beach

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Julie Cray (Winner)

The Merchant of Venice– Gail Beach


Best Independent Production:


So Snow

On the Rocks

Antigone (Winner)


Juliet and Romeo

Achievement in Directing (Independent):

Mud– Julia O’Connor (Winner)

So Snow– Elena Velasco

On the Rocks– Orion Jones

Antigone– Bridget Grace Sheaff

Coriolanus– Elena Velasco

Juliet and Romeo– Orion Jones

Actor in a Leading Role (Independent):

Mud– Brendan McMahon, Henry

So Snow– Graham Pilato, Doctor

Antigone– Robert Pike, Creon (Winner)

Coriolanus– Robert Schumacher, Aufidius/Sicinius

Juliet and Romeo– James Mike Culhane, Romeo

Actress in a Leading Role (Independent):

Mud– Samantha Smedley, Mae

So Snow– Morgan Sendek, Patient

On the Rocks– Latia Stokes, Melody

Antigone– Claire Miller, Antigone

Coriolanus– Mary Efimetz, Coriolanus

Juliet and Romeo– Briana Manente, Mercutio/Friar Laurence (Winner)

Actor in a Supporting Role (Independent):

Mud– Robert Pike, Lloyd (Winner)

Antigone– Robert Schumacher, Haemon

Antigone– Brian Bradley, Guard/Tiresias

Juliet and Romeo– Stefan Kempski, Paris/Prince

Actress in a Supporting Role (Independent):

So Snow– Tara Costello, Yolanda

On the Rocks– Briana Manente, Anne

Antigone– Mary Cecere, Chorus

Coriolanus– Lauren Schene, Volumnia/Volscian #1/Citizen #3 (Winner)

Best Ensemble Member for an Independent Production:

Kira Burri, Ismene in Antigone


Awkward Moment:

Juliet and Romeo– Juliet failing at dying that one time (Winner)

Etiology– Steph Tomiko’s “Mother Portrait”

Mud– Lloyd jacking off on a pillar

Dream Play– Agnes’s dress falling from the sky

The Merchant of Venice– Gratiano and Nerissa’s ass-grab

Romantic Moment:

Dream Play– Dream Ballet (Kiernan McGowan and Claire Miller, Winner)

Fifi and Hunter Forever!- Hunter and Daniel making (Kiernan McGowan and Grant Cloyd)

Etiology– Pearl and the urn (Tara Costello)

Coriolanus– Creepy Sex-Dance (Mary Efimetz and Robert Schumacher)

Antigone– Antigone and Haemon (Claire Miller and Robert Schumacher)

Juliet and Romeo– Balcony Scene (Morgan Sendek and James Mike Culhane)

The Merchant of Venice– Jessica and Lorenzo “In such a night” (Samantha Smedley and Stefan Kempski)

Write in Award:

Latia Stokes for gender bending as The Prince of Morocco in The Merchant of Venice

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees! See you next year!


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