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CUAdrama Takes Over Fringe!

CUAdrama students and alumni are everywhere at the DC Fringe Festival! Go to the tent and see what we are working on!


The Duchess of Malfi (We Happy Few Productions)

CUAdrama involved:

Associate Producer: Kiernan McGowan, MFA Acting Candidate

Set Design: Dean Leong, BA ‘07

Sound Designer: Robert Pike, BA’14

Dramaturg: Alan Katz, MA ‘11

Corrupt politicians, a cunning spy and the elusive Duchess all play a razor-sharp game of cat and mouse – rife with dangerous secrets, illicit affairs, intrigue, madness, and murder. Big Brother lurks around every corner in this fresh take on a Jacobean masterpiece.


Coriolanas (Elysian Theater)

CUAdrama involved:

Director: Elena Velasco, MFA Directing Candidate

Cast: Natasha Gallop, MFA Acting Candidate and Robert Schumacher, BA ’14

Graphic Design: Robert Schumacher, BA ’14

Valor is the mark of Caius Marcius, but will all accept the rise of female power? As friends become foes, this lonely dragon enters a hunt that could empower all. . . or none.


 La Llorona (Thee Candidates)

CUAdrama involved:

Playwright: Amanda Zeitler, MFA Playwriting Candidate

Cast: Teresa McClernon & Briana Manente, MFA Acting Candidates

Stage Manager: Lauren Mitchell, MFA Playwriting Candidate

Andy Walker, a public defense attorney, is assigned to defend Marina Renaldo, a woman accused drowning her two children. The two women begin to develop an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile at home Andy struggles to save her marriage, as she and her husband deal with the consequences of a miscarriage. Who is the real weeping woman?

This play won the 2014 Wichita State University National Playwriting Award


Ben & Lucille (Gloria Productions)

CUAdrama involved:

Director: Orion D. Jones, MFA Directing Candidate

long-dis·tance re·la·tion·ship noun a romantic relationship between two people who yearn endlessly for each other while apart, then argue over small things when together. see also: in love


Breast in Show (VoicesBC/Eileen Mitchard)

Director: Kate Bryer, Lecturer

Cast: Matt Dewberry, MFA ’09

Welcome to the “ChemoCafé,” where strangers become friends sharing an unforgettable journey of laughter and tears on the road to healing. Join these warriors on a life-affirming emotional rollercoaster in the musical one reviewer called the “tumor of humor”.


 Captain Tickle Britches (Guerrilla DC)

CUAdrama involved:

Cast: Matt Dewberry, MFA ’09

Capt. Tickle Britches is a night of sketch comedy that brings together ninjas, superheroes, racists, stalkers and cooties shots. These scenes by Funny or Die’s Allan McLeod and Robby Newman are sure to make you and your britches laugh out loud.

giant box

Giant Box of Porn (Field Trip Theatre)

CUAdrama involved:

Cast: Grant Cloyd, MFA Acting Candidate

Young couple Ron and Kate return home to find a giant box of porn in their living room. This comedy explores life’s most important questions: What kind of burglar breaks in and leaves porn? Is it okay to buy baby paraphernalia just because it’s on sale? And, most importantly, who still has a VHS player?


Dream Love (Avalanche Theatre Company)

CUAdrama involved:

Cast: Anna Lathrop, BA ‘12

Memories and experiences of intimacy flow like water through a strainer in a surreal combination of text, music, dance and movement. Is this a dream? A nightmare? Or something in between? Like love, the truth is what you make it.


Everything I Do (The Playwright Zone)

CUAdrama involved:

Stage Manager: Lauren Snyder

Everything I Do is loosely adapted from Shaw’s Man and Superman, with the emphasis on comedy and a contemporary score! This is not your mother’s Shaw!


This Gonna be on the Test, Miss? ( Ronna Levy)

CUAdrama involved:

Board Op: Max Applewhite, BA ‘14

I’m not Michelle Pfeiffer. This isn’t Dangerous Minds. Welcome to community college remedial English, where it’s my job for the next 12 weeks to teach you what you should’ve learned over the past 12 years.


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