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The ABCs of CUAdrama

A comprehensive list of all the things that makes CUAdrama amazing. 1418080331-venue-harke

Abroad Opportunities- CUAdrama offers the chance to study abroad in countries such as Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, and so many more. Study abroad allows students to be immersed into a region’s theatre history and allows them to learn different performance techniques. Check out one of our past student’s experience abroad here:

Best in DC & MD- CUAdrama was awarded “Best College Theatre Program” from the MD theatre guide. Read more about it here:

News: WINNERS of Best of 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards

Callan Theatre- Located next to the Hartke Theatre, the wonderful black-box theatre, the Callan, is used for many of CUAdrama’s productions.

Discounted Student Tickets- CUA students receive at $5 student discount to all of CUAdrama’s shows. CUA students who are currently enrolled in a drama class receive tickets for free. (AMAZING!)

Excellent Alumni- CUAdrama is privileged to have taught a multitude of accomplished actors, playwrights, directors, and many other theatre artists. Here are some amazing alumni that went to CUA that you may have heard of…

Patricia A. Carroll (B.A. 1949)- Actress, voice of Ursula in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

Siobhan Fallon Hogan (M.F.A. 1985)- Actress, “Men In Black,” “Forrest Gump”

                        John Slattery (B.F.A. 1984)- Actor, “Mad Men”

To see more, click here:

Front Office- Home to the answerer-of-all-questions and keeper-of-the keys, Matt Ripa is always here to answer any of your drama department questions.

Gilbies- At the end of every season, the undergraduate seniors host an awards show called, “Gilbies”, named after Father Gilbert Hartke. It has costumes, skits, and amazing homemade awards. Check out last year’s Gilbies here:

Hedges, Marietta & Holdridge, Eleanor- Marietta Hedges is an associate professor and the head of the M.F.A. Acting Program. She has worked as an actor in theatre, film and television in London, New York, San Francisco, and the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. Her colleague, Eleanor Holdridge, is the head of the M.F.A. Directing Program, who has directed shows Off-Broadway, regionally, and in local D.C. productions. This dynamic duo recently finished CUAdrama’s first production of the 2015-2016 season, Selma ’65, where Hedges starred and Holdridge directed.  

Internships- The CUAdrama department gives you connections to amazing theatre-related internships in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Check out our internship bulletin board in the academic wing!

Jobs- At the start of every school year, usually around September, the scene shop, costume shop, box office, and front office hire work-study and non-work study students to work throughout the semester. Not only do you get to be involved in the production of the shows, such as building the sets, but you also receive valuable work experience to add to a resume!

Klein, Jon– One of our amazing professors, Jon Klein, is the head of the M.F.A. Playwrighting Program. He has authored over twenty plays, presented Off-Broadway and at over a hundred American regional theatres. He has won three NEA Playwriting Fellowships for his work, as well as the Dramatists Guild/CBS New Play Award, the HBO Playwrights USA Award, and playwriting fellowships from the Bush, McKnight and Jerome Foundations. He was a TCG/NEA Playwright-in-Residence at American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA, and a Playwright-in-Residence at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.

Luce Library- Located on the ground floor in room 102, it is the home of endless amounts of plays, journals, and anthology’s on every aspect of theatre.

Marvelous Hartke Theatre- It is not only the stomping ground of many of CUAdrama’s productions, but also for CUA’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music’s musicals and operas. Many exciting things are always happening in the Hartke, so stay updated at:

New plays– Due to our amazing MFA playwrighting program, students are able to see the process of writing and producing a new play. For our 2015-2016, students have the opportunity to audition for the world premiere of Br’er Cotton by Tearrance Chisholm and Legacy Street by Lauren Jane Redmond.

Originality- CUAdrama is definitely one of a kind, and faculty encourages its students to be as well! Independent projects are always of interest, whether it is a cabaret or a premier of a play you’ve written, you can propose to have it performed!

Professional and Qualified – Not only are all of CUAdrama’s professors professional theatre artists, but there are many opportunities to see professional productions with drama classes and attend lectures with professional actors, dramaturgs, and directors.

Rosalind Flynn- Dr. Flynn is the head of the Masters of Arts in Theatre Education. Additionally, she is a practicing Teaching Artist who works both locally in the Washington, DC area and nationally. Her national touring workshops for teachers were developed in collaboration with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Check out her blog:

Social Media- CUAdrama is taking over social media! Make sure you’re always the first to know all the latest and greatest news about our productions, current staff and students, and alumni!

Twitter: @cuadrama

Instagram: @Cua_drama

Terrific Costume Shop: CUAdrama has an amazing Costume Shop Staff. To stay updated on them all year round, follow them on Instagram! @cuadramacostumeshop

Unique Productions- As represented by our current season (2015-2016), CUAdrama does a variety for different shows. From classics, such as Pride and Prejudice to new plays, such as our M.F.A. playwrights’ shows, every production is unique and exciting.

Variety of Classes- Drama students are never bored in their classes. From acting classes, to design classes, and even directing classes, CUAdrama educates their students in all aspects of theatre production.

Wrong- This word is not in the vocabulary. CUAdrama wants their students ideas to be heard, so don’t worry about whether you think your ideas are a little crazy or quirky!

Xeroxing—one of the joys of stage managing! One of the perks of stage managing for a CUAdrama production is you get special Xeroxing privileges. (Also, it’s basically the only sensible word that start with a “x.”)

Yeasty– This means “full of restless energy or creativity.” If you think this word describes you, CUAdrama can be your outlet for all your amazing ideas!

Zero Reasons to Not Love Us- As you can see from this list of all the amazing things CUAdrama has to offer, there is really no reason to not become a part of the CUAdrama family.


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