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The Golden Gilbies

This year Gilbies awards were inspired by The Golden Globes, hosted by our fabulous seniors Kira Burri and Magdalena Schutzler– our very own Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


Magdalena Schutzler and Kira Burri having fun before the Gilbies started!

Favorite Awkward Moment

  • Han Solo & Friend Singing “Agony”
  • Broken Glass, Dropped Cake, Fallen Chair, Disaster that was the Saturday Eve performance of Big Love
  • Guns Without Fire (Legacy Street)
  • Bologna Sandwich (Br’er Cotton)
  • The Painting in the Doorway (Pride & Prejudice)

Best Kiss

  • Wedding (Kiss & Stab), Big Love
  • Jayse & Priss, Legacy Street
  • Darcy & Elizabeth, Pride & Prejudice

Best Lighting Design

  • Brian Allard (Big Love)
  • Alberto Segarra (Legacy Street)
  • Alberto Segarra (Br’er Cotton)
  • Dr. Tom Donahue (Pride and Prejudice)


Selma ’65 “The Season in A Minute”

Best Set Design

  • Paige Hathaway (Big Love)
  • Lewis Folden (Legacy Street)
  • Lewis Folden (Br’er Cotton)
  • Magdalena Schutzler (Pride and Prejudice)

Best Sound Design

  • Thomas Sowers (Big Love)
  • Frank DiSalvo (Legacy Street)
  • David Lamont Wilson (Br’er Cotton)
  • Roc Lee (Pride and Prejudice)

Best Costume Design

  • Julie Cray (Big Love)
  • Gail Beach (Legacy Street)
  • Danielle Preston (Br’er Cotton)
  • Gail Beach (Pride and Prejudice)                      

Best Ensemble

  • Big Love
  • Legacy Street
  • Br’er Cotton
  • Pride and Prejudice

Best Independent Production

  • Delusions, Deceptions, and Dreams (Cabaret)
  • STRANDED (by Garrett Lee Milton)
  • The Greatest Performance of Your Life (by Rebecca Dzida)

Best Director

  • Randy Baker (Big Love)
  • Mark Routhier (Legacy Street)
  • Thembi Duncan (Br’er Cotton)
  • Joseph Ritsch (Pride and Prejudice)

Best Stage Management Team/Crew

  • Carl Randolph (Selma ‘65) Kevin Boudreau
  • Magdalena Schutzler & Adrianna Oliver (Big Love) Desiree Chapelle, Dylan Fleming, Danny Beason, Danielle Scott, Kevin Boudreau
  • Lindsay Adams & Kateri Kuhn (Legacy Street) Rachel Foley, Emma Heck, Sophie Millette
  • Liz Maestri & Ali Rocha (Br’er Cotton) Rachel Foley, Emma Heck, Sophie Millette
  • Kristin Shoffner & Morgan Wilder (Pride and Prejudice) Sophie Millette, Annaliese Neamann, Jack Watson, Megan Risley, Ali Palmer, Ime Essien


13123281_10209462911994961_192862811417021615_o (1)

And the Gilbie goes to… (drum roll)

Supporting Actress in a Mainstage

  • Nicole Smith (Bella, Big Love)
  • Kira Burri (Eleanor, Big Love)
  • Maddy Belknap (Lead Chorus Member, Big Love)
  • Kira Burri (Iris, Legacy Street)
  • Amanda Hopkins (Angela, Legacy Street)
  • Danielle Scott (CagedBird99, Br’er Cotton)
  • Regina Childs (Video Game Character, Br’er Cotton)
  • Rachel Foley (Lydia/Georgianna, P&P)
  • Emily Cerwonka (Mary/Charlotte, P&P)
  • Hailey Ibberson (Kitty, P&P)

Supporting Actor in a Mainstage

  • Tommy Stack (Giuliano, Big Love)
  • Alex Davis (Piero, Big Love)
  • Conor Meehan (Leo, Big Love)
  • Chris Gleason (Tyler, Legacy Street)
  • Kevin Boudreau (Officer, Br’er Cotton)
  • Addison Switzer (Matthew, Br’er Cotton)
  • KC Berry (Video Game Character, Br’er Cotton)
  • Tommy Stack (Mr. Wickham, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Dylan Fleming (Mr. Bennett, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Joseph Huff (Mr. Collins, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Kevin Boudreau (Mr. Gardiner/Mr. Lucas, Pride and Prejudice)

Actor in a Mainstage

  • Ryan Marczinkowski (Constantine, Big Love)
  • Cenghiz Orhonlu (Nikos, Big Love)
  • Mason Thibault (Oed, Big Love)
  • Dylan Fleming (Jayse, Legacy Street)
  • Gregory Ford (D, Legacy Street)
  • Tendo Nesubuga (Ruffrino, Br’er Cotton)
  • Alex Davis (Mr. Bingley/Fitzwilliam, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Danny Beason (Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice)

Actress in a Mainstage

  • Ellie Blakeslee (Thyona, Big Love)
  • Sara Romanello (Lydia, Big Love)
  • Rachel Foley (Olympia, Big Love)
  • Desiree Chapelle (Priss, Legacy Street)
  • Ime Essien (Nadine, Br’er Cotton)
  • Desiree Chapelle (Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Ellie Blakeslee (Jane Bennett, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Amanda Hopkins (Mrs. Bennett, Pride and Prejudice)
  • Nicole Smith (Mrs. Gardiner/Miss Bingley, Pride and Prejudice)

Best Mainstage Production

  • Big Love
  • Legacy Street
  • Br’er Cotton
  • Pride and Prejudice


We will miss our seniors dearly– but home will always be where the Hartke is!




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