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Blast from the Gilbies Past

The 2017 Annual Gilbies

Thank you to the Senior Class of 2017 for planning and hosting a great Gilbies Awards Ceremony– this year’s theme was “Blast from the Past!”

18157625_1524707834266725_6616939880004072126_nMegan Risley (B.A. History), Maddy Belknap (B.A. Drama and B.M. Music), and Sophie Millette (B.A. Drama) represented the Drama Senior Class.

Best Play

Bloody Poetry


Preggers, or Parenthood for Virgins

Sissy, accompanied by Johann Sebastian Bach and a Mouse


Best Actor

Noah Beye – Bloody Poetry – Percy Shelley

John Paul Jones – Picnic – Hal

Dylan Flemming – Preggers – Joseph

Kevin Boudreau – Sissy – Sissy

Carson Collins- Sissy – Mouse

Danny Beason – Macbeth – Macbeth


Best Actress

Desiree Chappelle- Bloody Poetry – Claire

Ellie Blakeslee – Picnic – Madge

Maddy Belknap – Preggers – Mary

Rachel Foley – Sissy – Nara

Danielle Scott – Macbeth – Lady Macbeth

Best Supporting Actor

Danny Beason – Picnic – Allen

Carl Randolph – Sissy – Herman

John Jones – Preggers – Gabriel

Dylan Fleming – Macbeth – Macduff

Best Supporting Actress

Nichole McClellan – Picnic – Rosemary

Jane McCaffrey – Picnic – Miss Potts

Maddy Belknap – Picnic – Millie

Megan Risley – Macbeth – Banquo

Morgan Wilder, Meredith Johnson, and Rachel Foley – Macbeth – Witches

Best Featured Actor/Actress

Emily Cerwonka and Annalise Neaman – Picnic

Joe Savattieri – Picnic – Bomber

Desiree Chappelle – Macbeth – The Porter, Lady Macduff, Siward

Tommy Stack – Macbeth – Duncan

Best Ensemble

Bloody Poetry


Preggers, or Parenthood for Virgins

Sissy, accompanied by Johann Sebastian Bach and a Mouse


Best Stage Management Team

Michael Sullin and Sophie Millette for Picnic


Best Director

Eleanor Holdridge for Macbeth

Best Lights

Dr. Tom Donahue for Bloody Poetry

Best Scenic Design

Luciana Stecconi for Picnic

Best Costumes

Robert Chroghan for Macbeth

Best Independent Project

A Night of 10 Minute Plays

Best Onstage Couple

Bloody Poetry – Everyone and Everyone

Picnic – Hal and Madge

Picnic – Bomber and Millie

Preggers – Mary and Joseph

Macbeth – Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Macbeth – Ross and Lennox


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