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Here Come the Freaks: The U.S. Premiere of Lynda Radley’s FutureProof

M.F.A. Directing Candidate, Carl Randolph, discusses his upcoming thesis project, Futureproof.  

1. What drew you to directing Futureproof for your thesis project? 

I first came across Futureproof while I was working on my independent study of 21st century Irish Theatre. As part of that research, I was fortunate to join Dr. Tuite in Ireland during the summer of 2016. While there, I was able to interview various playwrights, directors, actors and artistic directors, all of whom pointed out the work of Lynda Radley. I read Futureproof, which received the Scotsman Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011. I was immediately drawn to the larger than life characters and the poetic nature of Lynda’s writing.

2. How has directing Futureproof been different than other plays you have directed in the past? 

Futureproof is unlike any other play I have worked on. While it feels it is based in reality, it is actually a world about a sub-culture that doesn’t really exist today. Well, not literally. The world of “freaks” has simply been renamed.

3. What has been the most challenging task of directing Futureproof? 

I’m directing a Freakshow! What could possibly be challenging about that? Seriously, the main challenge is staying true to the characters, while being sensitive to the struggles that they represent to today’s society. The play is so incredibly relevant to today. At its core it’s about a small group of people who are viewed as “others”. What is it like to be an outcast of society? What would you do to fit in? These are just some of the questions we are asking with Futureproof. As playwright Lynda Radley stated in an interview with The Guardian, “These are people often left in very difficult circumstances by the change in attitude to what many of them have done for a long time, and so the question within the play is how do they change, and what is it they have to do to make themselves palatable again?”

4. If you had to describe Futureproof to a potential audience member in one sentence, what would that be?

A magical and deeply compassionate play about identity and the capacities of the human spirit, and the strength to change or remain true to who you are.


Here are the dates and times that the production will be held:

October 5, 6, and 7 at 7:30 p.m. 

October 7 and 8 at 2 p.m.

If you would like to purchase the tickets, click on the link below!

Futureproof Tickets


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