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“Together: alone”: An Interview with Danny Beason

An interview with M.F.A. Acting Candidate, Danny Beason, about his thesis solo-show, Together: alone.

Together: alone was initially a collaboration between Rachel Rios and myself.  The process started when I had an idea about how a show makes a person feel when they leave the theater.  Should there always be complete closure? Should everything be tied up in a neat little bow?  Then speaking with Rachel about the piece and giving her my inspiration, she began to formulate characters and the story grew.  Now we have added the wonderful Natalie Tenner and our very our head of graduate Directing Eleanor Holdridge.  These two additions to the team took the concept draft and helped form the story you will see.  I am eternally grateful to all of them.
The show itself is about the life and the relationship between 2 men in and after a moment of crisis.  That is about as detailed I will get without giving away the show.
The biggest challenge for me so far on this process has been my specificity in what I am saying.  And using the word to affect and change the audience, who in a one-man show is my confidant/ best friend. This is a great project because it highlights that as an actor I was very accustomed to hiding on stage.  Hiding behind the mask of the character.  Shows like this and Macbeth, have ripped me out of the comfort zone and forces me to include you in my world.
I was ecstatic that Eleanor came on as the Director for the piece.  She has an ability to cut through the fluff and tell me what I need to hear to grow the character while being true to the text.
The LAST opportunity to see Desiree’s solo show is tonight @ 7:30 pm in the Callan Theatre at The Catholic University of America. Admission is free. 

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