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“Emergency:” M.F.A Acting Candidate Dylan Fleming & His Solo Show

An interview with Dylan Fleming, M.F.A. Acting Candidate, about his upcoming solo thesis show, “Emergency” by Daniel Beaty. 1.) Tell us a little bit about your solo show.  A slave … Continue reading

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A Beating of Wings: Upcoming Thesis Production “The Love of the Nightingale”

An interview with M.F.A Directing Candidate, Shirley Serotsky, about her upcoming thesis production The Love of the Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker.   The male chorus, Captain, and Niobe on the ship … Continue reading

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What I Can Offer: The Art of the Frocase

    (The Junior Class) From left to right: Chris Doyle, Annaliese Neaman, Rachel Foley, Morgan Wilder, & Tommy Stack CUAdrama junior, Tommy Stack (right in the picture above), reflects … Continue reading

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Two is Better Than One!

An interview with actors, Elnora “Ellie” Blakeslee (Class of 2018) and Meredith “Merry” Johnson (Class of 2020), about their roles in the thesis production of “Futureproof”. They reflect on the … Continue reading

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Here Come the Freaks: The U.S. Premiere of Lynda Radley’s FutureProof

M.F.A. Directing Candidate, Carl Randolph, discusses his upcoming thesis project, Futureproof.   1. What drew you to directing Futureproof for your thesis project?  I first came across Futureproof while I was working on my … Continue reading

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Cup o’ Oxford: A Study-Abroad Recap with Rachel Foley

Rachel Foley is a current undergraduate majoring in Drama while pursuing her Master’s in Education. She has starred in many CUAdrama productions, most currently Witch in “Macbeth” and Nara in … Continue reading

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Blast from the Gilbies Past

The 2017 Annual Gilbies Thank you to the Senior Class of 2017 for planning and hosting a great Gilbies Awards Ceremony– this year’s theme was “Blast from the Past!” Megan Risley … Continue reading

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